Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ambani's new house hassles

ambani's new house hassles

As you know by now, Mukesh Ambani in his 27 storeyed  2 billlion dollar House

Mukesh gets up from his bed room on 15th floor, takes a swim in the swimming pool on 17th floor, has breakfast on the 19th floor, dresses up for office on 14th floor, collects his files and office bag from his personal office on 21st floor, wishes Bye to Nitabhabhi on 16th floor, says 'See You' to his children on 13th floor, and goes down on 3rd floor to self drive his 2.5 Crore Mercedes to office, but then he finds out that he has forgotten the car keys upstairs. But on which floor? 15th, 17th,19th,14th,21st,16th or 13th ?

He phones all his servants, cooks, maids, secretaries, pool attendants, gym trainers, etc. on all the floors. There is a hectic search and lot of running about on all the floors, but the key is not traceable. Fed up, after half an hour, Mukesh leaves in a chauffeur driven ordinary Ikon car.

At 3.30 P.M. late in the afternoon it is discovered that 4 days back, a temporary replacement maid had washed Mukeshbhai's pant and hung it to dry on a string in the balcony of 16th floor, with car keys in the pant pocket. It had blown away somewhere in the high winds at 16th floor level and was never found. This was found out because of Nitas habit of checking clothes given for ironing personally.

After 3 days Nita complained to Mukesh that where was he roaming till 3 A.M. last night?

Mukesh said the he was at home all night.

Then why did the helicopter land in the terrace at 3 A.M. I was so much worried. I could not sleep whole night, said Nita.

Oh That helicopter? That helicopter came from Germany, sent by Mercedes people to deliver the duplicate car key.